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Marine Dental Practice: Dental Plans

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Our aim at Marine Dental Practice is to ensure that any individual seeking safe, accessible, affordable and high quality dental care can find it with ease. Over the years, our practice has been to deliver just such a service based on our reasonably-priced and customer-friendly dental plans. By taking advantage of these schemes, you can conveniently access any type of dental treatment from a highly qualified dental professional..

Marine Dental Practice has come to be recognised for the consistent  quality of service at our family-friendly establishment. Regardless of where you live in the locality, you can always depend on us for fast and effective treatment for any dental issue you might have. Our dental services cover all aspects of general dentistry and cosmetic procedures, as well as supporting our dental hygiene work.

What makes our dental plans at Marine Dental Practice right for you and your family?

Traditional dental plans have been what’s called ‘treatment inclusive’ requiring you to pay a fixed monthly sun to cover all your needs. This monthly sum was typically determined by a banding process taking into account factors like your age and state of health.

Many patients found this to be a financial burden because your banding would be reviewed annually and could suddenly rise by a substantial amount even though you may have received very little actual treatment. This increase could be anywhere between 200-300% compared to your original commitment.

At Marine Parade Dental Practice we have developed our own bespoke plans tailored to your exact needs which do away with any unpredictable fluctuations in charges. These plans are open to ALL patients and ensure you never have to pay more than necessary for work that is done.

Our dental plans

The convenience and affordability of our dental plan has revolutionised dental care and helped make life easier for many of our patients. By making use of our plan, you need only pay a flat monthly fee to cover your membership at Marine Dental Practice. This flat monthly fee also covers any necessary dental examinations you might require, and two visits per year to our dental hygienist.

Our dental plan can also make you eligible for a 20% discount on a variety of necessary dental procedures which are designed to keep your teeth in good condition. The discount is 20% off our standard practice private fees. The dental plan will also cover insurance for accidental damages and losses and will provide you with access to round-the-clock worldwide emergency advice and care.

Subject to indexation, our universal fee is £15.75 per month – and this amount is the same for all patients irrespective of gender, age, or dental history. However, any necessary treatment received during the initial six months of the dental plan will not qualify for our 20% discount offer, and the plan also won’t cover your first examination or set of x-rays.

Services our dental plans cover

All dental care services which fall under General Dentistry will be covered by our dental plan. Some of these services include:

  • Ongoing dental x-rays: Because X-rays are an important tool for us, especially if your treatment will require some form of surgery, we cover follow-up dental x-rays under our dental plans. An x-ray maybe required in instances where you’ll need root canal treatment, dental implants, orthodontics, a tooth extraction, or other types of surgery.
  • Hygiene sessions: Comprehensive teeth cleaning sessions are important and something you should have done at least twice a year. Covering this in our plan stresses the high value we place on this aspect of care.
  • Consultation session: A consultation session is the essential first step in formulating the right type of treatment.
  • Fillings: If a tooth has been compromised, we can treat and fill the cavity caused by the tooth decay. Our approach to providing this treatment is specialised but affordable thanks to our dental plan.
  • Extractions: A dental extraction may be necessary if a tooth is beyond saving but can be replaced by an identical implant recreating that ‘full set of teeth’.
  • Root canal treatments: Even though a root canal treatment may require several visits to the dentist to complete, we assure you that the entire process from start to finish will be comprehensively covered by our dental plan.

Aside from general dentistry services, our dental plan also covers our cosmetic procedures and hygienist services.

Get quality and affordable dental care under our dental plan from your friendly dental experts at Marine Dental Practice

Our services at Marine Dental Practice are customer-oriented to ensure customer-satisfaction. Each of our services is offered at your convenience and within your budget. By choosing one of our dental plans, you can easily access impressive quality dental care at some of the lowest prices available, even for emergency help.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment or discover more about how our dental plans can benefit you and your family.

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