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Custom-made anti-bruxism devices that is effective and ideal for you

Is an aching jaw the bane of your life because you grind your teeth excessively? Does your chin often hurt when you open or close your mouth? If you answer yes to either question, then you may well need the custom-built anti-bruxism devices that Marine Dental Practice Worthing can provide.

Medically, Bruxism can be described as the grinding of the teeth and the clenching of the jaw. Though certain people do not find this painful others are far less lucky. They tend to suffer from facial discomfort they would rate as “from severe to appalling”.

Repeated grinding can cause damage both to teeth and their alignment. Over time grinding can also affect your ability to chew properly. It may also trigger tremendous pain should your jaw remain clenched for a longish period of time. At Marine Dental Practice, Worthing, we are able to provide excellent anti-bruxism devices to remedy these problems as a result of an incredible partnership with some brilliant medical technicians and developers.

Our products help to relieve such painful conditions while also offering relief for headaches and other referred types of pain. The devices are not obtrusive when in position since they entirely cover your teeth and they may actively be worn at any time during the day. Thanks to this inconspicuousness, these anti-bruxism devices can help to restore your confidence and may even help you to crack a spontaneous smile.

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Using custom-fit devices as protection against excessive grinding of the teeth

Probably the best options for protecting your teeth from excessive wear and tear are the devices known as Custom-fit guards and Night guards. We recommend various models across the range which has been crafted for both comfort and protection.

Marine Dental can provide bespoke anti-grinding devices to fit any patient’s mouth and personal dental array. Using our self-impression system, we will either create a dental impression for you here in the surgery. Or we can supply the materials for you to manage this process at home. In the latter case, you simply carry out the instructions and deliver the results back to us in the office.

Our products include a wide range of lower teeth guards, as well as upper lip guards for different levels of grinding. No matter how intense the grinding is, we can find a guard that is perfectly suited to the task and provide a remedy. Our prices are always market-competitive. To find out more, simply visit our service page.

Types of anti-bruxism devices

Though the focus of this area of our dental practice lies in combatting grinding and painful aching of the jaws the anti-bruxism devices we supply can also help in relieving many other conditions such as:

  • Bad neck pain
  • Earaches
  • Stiffness of areas around the chin.
  • Jaw clenching plus the accompanying headaches and migraines.
  • Lower and upper teeth misalignment.

When consulting us for a solution it is very important that you properly describe the intensity of the grinding so that we are able to choose a device that will ideally suit.

In detail, the types of anti-bruxism devices are:

The device is best suited if the grinding is basically mild or non-severe. Composed of a material that is soft but firm, the Minimum Anti-Bruxism Device provides both protection and comfort when you sleep. A perfect fit for the upper and lower teeth, the device is designed jointly by a technician as well as a dentist.

The intended users of this device are those who engage in what could be called ‘moderate’ teeth grinding. Made from a semi-hard material, it effortlessly protects your teeth without discomfort. Designed through the use of our unique self-impression kits, this device grips your teeth and doesn’t cause any inconvenience when talking. It can easily be camouflaged and doesn’t stain making it ideal for all-day usage.

For patients that aggressively and persistently grind their teeth, this option is the best one available. The material used in constructing this device is about 3mm thick which ensures a complete grip on the teeth without compromising your comfort. A double laminate variant is available as well, which helps further to protect both the upper and lower teeth.

Custom-fit purchases usually take between seven to ten days to complete depending on the complexity of the job and the distance of delivery. This means that you may need to be patient after you’ve sent in your teeth impression before we can respond with the finished product.

A perfect anti-bruxism device for you

Since the anti-bruxism device is designed to stay in your mouth for lengthy periods of time, comfort is the number one priority when it comes to selection. The chosen device should also permit you to participate fully in daily activities. If it doesn’t do this nor isn’t an ideal fit, it’s going to prove more of a burden than a bonus. A fact that we at Marine Dental keep constantly in mind.

We subject our devices to constant testing processes and insist on a full impression of all your teeth before proceeding to build the guard. One size does NOT fit all and there is no point in creating problems while trying to solve them. Our specialist night guards are also carefully prepared so they can even be used by someone suffering from painful or highly sensitive gums. Contact our dentist today on 01903 234136 to discover the option that best suits you.

Our experience in this field spans a decade and our expertise is extensive.

Questions that will be asked by our dentists when consulted

  • How sensitive are your gums?
  • What is the intensity level of your bruxism?
  • How far can you open your jaws?

They will also measure your mouth to determine whether it is ‘small, medium or larger’.

Other anti-bruxism devices

Mandibular adjustments, occlusal splints, and hypnosis are among other methods that are used in the treatment of bruxism. While we are happy to suggest referrals for all treatments, only the first two methods are offered as services by Marine Dental Practice, Worthing.

Occlusal splints are small plastic-made mouth guards that can fit snugly inside the mouth. They are of different types and of varying materials. Their use depends on the severity of the bruxism.

Mandibular Adjustment is mostly used to treat cases of sleep apnoea and severe snoring. An intricate relationship has now been established between snoring and bruxism so it is reasonable to suppose that treating the snoring will also mitigate the bruxism.

At Marine Dental Practice, Worthing, we provide different tools for snoring-relief to correct your night time breathing and reduce symptoms of bruxism. One recent study has further shown that mandibular adjustments and occlusal splints are a reliable method of treating bruxism among patients.

Bruxism sufferers and their partners truly appreciate our devices because they help promote a better night’s sleep.

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