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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: Get a Beautiful Smile Today

If your dental appearance is ever a source of concern, it is important that you do something about it. You can rectify the situation without any fuss – by considering the benefits of our cosmetic dentistry service.

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly becoming popular in the UK and your choice of treatments these days is extensive.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a range of procedures from teeth whitening and straightening to capping or crown insets.

Marine Dental Practice provides a selection of these procedures designed to give you a more confident and beautiful smile. Our dentists are thoroughly professional. Whatever your dental needs, we can offer a treatment plan immediately.

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Our Cosmetic dentistry offers

As specialists in dental matters, we offer a wide choice of cosmetic improvements. Whatever your dental concerns, get effective treatment at Marine Dental.

Some of our offerings include:

The human tooth comes in contact with many antagonistic agents daily (from tea, coffee and tobacco to alcohol and acidic or sugary food). When you further consider dental detriment from the passage of time (worn fillings, tartar build-up, deposits of plaque, tooth decay) you can see why your teeth are almost bound to become discoloured. It is only natural for you to become a bit more self-conscious about needing to smile.

There is no need to worry for too long. Your former smile will re-emerge if you take us up on one of our teeth whitening treatments.

A veneer is a customised new front surface for a tooth usually constructed of porcelain. Veneers can be used for many dental conditions and provide a solution for those crooked or protruding teeth which are on always on display. They are also highly effective for lightening tooth colour and closing any gaps between your teeth.

The dental porcelain veneers used at Marine Dental are of the highest possible quality and look as natural as your originals providing long-lasting improvement in dental appearance. The very versatile nature of the veneers makes it possible to use them to disguise a single inadequate or discoloured tooth. At Marine Dental, our veneers are of such high quality that we cover them with a five-year guarantee.

Yes, even a formal smile-makeover is a possibility. This procedure is designed to improve your readiness to smile in several ways. It may involve:

  • Aligning crowded teeth.
  • Protrusion reduction.
  • Widening a narrow smile and closing spaces and gaps.

A smile makeover is usually done to the upper eight to ten teeth, and in some cases, the lower eight. Multiple porcelain veneers are typically utilised for this procedure. They vastly improve aesthetic appeal and they look very discreet – nobody in a social setting will be able to tell that you’ve had the work done.

Marine Dental’s smile makeover procedure is intended to give you a quite winning smile and, overall, a more satisfactory cosmetic appearance.

Suppose you’ve had an accident. Whether through physical impact or biting down on a tough delicacy, you’ve suffered a chipped tooth. It is important to get help without delay. Marine Dental recognises that accidents happen and that they need to be responded to immediately, so we offer a full complement of emergency restorative treatments.

We do not guarantee instant remedies. Depending on the dental procedure, it may take time for results to become obvious. But we do promise you one of the fastest rates of response in the Worthing area. For reference: Marine Dental home whitening services and veneer applications may take two to three weeks, while implants may take three to four months.

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