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Emergency Dentistry Services in Worthing on a Private Basis

Are you experiencing serious dental pain and require urgent medical attention? Have you lost or chipped a tooth, or broken a crown in a fall or sporting accident?

If you experience any of these:

  • Trauma.
  • Abscesses.
  • Swollen face.
  • Avulsed (displaced) teeth.

Or if you suffer any other dental emergency in Worthing or its surrounding areas, then you’ll be in safe hands if you contact Marine Dental Practice.

Our fast and efficient, same-day emergency service has a reputation for professional pain-management and accurate professional diagnosis in a crisis. At Marine Dental, we can be relied upon to take care of your injuries and help prevent further ongoing problems.

Serious dental issues can sometimes be life-threatening and should be treated as such. All dental emergencies tend to involve considerable levels of pain. Even an individual who has always dutifully managed their dental hygiene to the highest standards of cleaning and care can experience an unexpected dental emergency at the least convenient moment.

Whatever your urgent dental requirement, our specialists at Marine Dental have many years of solid experience and are fully equipped to provide you with immediate and effective treatment.

If you suddenly require dental care treatment for you or your loved one in Worthing or the neighbouring areas, there’s no need to panic. Just call Marine Dental now on 01903 234136 and you will be guaranteed a swift and satisfactory response and treatment as soon as possible.

Types of dental emergencies at Marine Dental Worthing

At Marine Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can cause a lot of discomfort and can escalate into more severe pain (as well as mouth and gum problems), if not urgently attended to.

Our commitment to your dental health is total and we’ll be happy to help as soon you reach out to us.

To recap: our specialists can treat all classes of emergency, including knocked-out teeth, toothache, gum swellings, dental abscesses and all the common sporting injuries.

We can also competently take care of a broken jaw or a serious mouth injury, continuous bleeding in the mouth, fractured teeth or a broken crown resulting from a fall.

Here are some more detailed descriptions of the dental emergencies we can manage:

If the patient is an adult, besides administering the right antibiotics to relieve the pain, one of the first things our emergency dental team will do is to keep the tooth moist to preserve the root structure and nerve. We will not even touch the tooth by its root. As long as there’s no choking risk, we will make sure to keep the damaged tooth tucked inside the patient’s cheek.

An alternative quick first aid tip for a knocked-out tooth is to wrap it in a wet paper towel. Alternatively, we drop the tooth into a glass of milk, as dairy milk contains the required (similar) pH level.

Once we’ve kept the tooth moist and it’s been stabilised, we get the patient moved to our surgery so our dentists and staff can carry out a more extensive long-term assessment.

A dental abscess is a tooth infection that takes hold from the root, or between the gum and the tooth. Dental abscesses often come as a result of tooth decay, but other causes may be responsible such as dental trauma from a broken or chipped tooth, or as a by-effect of gum disease or gingivitis.

A broken jaw is a serious medical condition. If you suspect your jaw bones may have been damaged or dislocated, you should quickly contact our emergency dentistry team to obtain treatment and pain-relief.

A broken jaw is a serious medical condition. If you suspect your jaw bones may have dislocated or been damaged, it’s best for you to immediately visit A & E at the nearest hospital.

We are also able quickly and effectively to handle other, less critical although upsetting dental problems such as loose crowns and denture fractures.

Whatever the dental dilemma, if it causes discomfort to you or a family member – or you think the situation requires immediate assistance – call Marine Dental Practice now on 01903 234136.

We will provide you with a prompt response and, if necessary, further treatments in a calm and relaxed environment.

Worthing dental specialists you can trust

When you call us at Marine Dental Practice for any urgent dental care, you are guaranteed fast and expert medical care delivered with complete professionalism and attention to detail. All our dentists are fully qualified in their specialties and all our work complies with the highest standards of the EU and UK authorities.

What’s more, our healthcare facility is state-of-the-art and among the best you can find anywhere. And we ensure that our treatment environment is conducive to enhancing and accelerating the healing process. In other words, the less distressed we can make you feel the more likely you are to respond to treatment.

Reach us today for your excellent emergency dentistry service in Worthing

If you’d like to contact us for an urgent medical care or book an appointment to see one of our specialist dentists, please call us today on 01903 234136.

We can arrange for a regular appointment during the daytime or book you in for an emergency consultation if you require it. You can also seek treatment via the NHS helpline details of the telephone number are available from our out of hours answering service.