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General Dentistry Services

An overview of the General Dentistry service we offer

At Marine Dental we always do our best to provide top quality treatment for all of our patients. Our dentistry services aim to protect and restore the health and beauty of your teeth, and include: consultations, hygiene sessions, fillings, dental x-rays, tooth extractions and root canal treatments. These are essential services if you wish to maintain or achieve healthy teeth. Consider a quick overview of some of these services:

This is the starting point for any dental work we undertake, and is therefore the most vital. A consultation session provides an opportunity for the assessment of your dental needs. This makes it possible for us to get an understanding of your dental health and to be in a position to offer you the best solution. It provides us with an analysis upon which we can base you treatment. Whether you’ve come to us for a simple oral health check or because you suspect you need extensive work, a consultation is the first step towards obtaining treatment.

It is recommended that you visit a hygienist for deep-teeth cleaning by booking a hygiene session at least twice a year. These sessions help protect you from tooth decay and gum disease by removing all accumulated tartar and plaque. With your regular toothbrush it can be difficult to reach some areas of your mouth, so it is important to ensure you visit the hygienist. We keep these areas pristine as we focus on the enamel, root and below the gum line.

Dental x-rays are necessary for certain dental treatments, such as dental implants, root canal treatments, orthodontics, tooth extractions and other oral surgical procedures.

Has part of your tooth been chipped due to decay or physical impact? We can both fix and restore it to its original position with our filling service. The procedure is safe, and will return the affected tooth to a state of good health for the foreseeable future.

We consider this procedure as a last resort, where it is the only and best option available. For example, in a situation where a tooth is decayed beyond filling and has worsened to the extent that it has begun to affect the gum, surrounding teeth and your general health, we would perform a quick extraction process with little pain. We may then replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant depending on your specific case.

Root canal treatments are given to patients when the internal structure of their teeth has been compromised with infection spreading to the tooth pulp and dentine. This process requires hollowing out a tooth and filling it with medicated tooth-filling intended to kill the bacteria within and stem the spread of infection. Unlike other general dental services, root canal treatment requires multiple visits to the Clinic as it is important that the bacteria be removed completely and that the treated tooth or teeth function optimally. You can count on Marine Dental to make you as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

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Marine Dental offers you a thorough examination and will liaise with you to develop a custom-made plan for maintaining or regaining your dental health. We can also give you valuable insight and direction with regards to the frequency of your dental visits. As a rule, the more often you visit your dentist, the less often you will need them.

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