Cosmetic Dentistry

Marine Parade Dental Practice, Worthing

Cosmetic dentistry grows in popularity and we can offer you an extensive range of treatments.  Whether you want your teeth whitened or straightened (or both); or if you’re seeking new veneers, crowns or caps, we can provide a treatment to put a brighter smile on your face.  We also have bespoke treatment plans to suit any pocket.

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Which cosmetic dentistry services do Marine Dental Practice offer?

Your teeth are constantly in contact with antagonistic agents – tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol or sugary food can all take their toll.  Age itself has a role.  Over time your teeth will get worn, your fillings erode, tartar and plaque will accumulate and decay tends to follow. AND this means your teeth are bound to discolour.  When this occurs, it is only natural to feel a bit more self-conscious about smiling.

But no need to worry for long. We can restore that confidence with one of our teeth-whitening treatments.

A veneer is a customised new front surface for a tooth usually constructed of porcelain. Veneers can be used for many dental conditions and provide a solution for those crooked or protruding teeth which are on always on display. They are also highly effective for lightening tooth colour and closing any gaps between your teeth.

The dental porcelain veneers used at Marine Dental are of the highest possible quality and look as natural as your originals. The very versatile nature of the veneers makes it possible to use them to disguise a single undesirable or discoloured tooth. At Marine Dental, all our veneers are covered with a five-year guarantee.

Yes, even a formal smile-makeover is a possibility. This procedure is designed to improve your readiness to smile in several ways. It may involve:

  • Aligning crowded teeth
  • Protrusion reduction
  • Widening a narrow smile and closing spaces and gaps

A smile makeover is usually done to the upper eight to ten teeth, and in some cases, the lower eight. Multiple porcelain veneers are typically utilised for this procedure. They vastly improve aesthetic appeal and they look very discreet – nobody in a social setting will be able to tell that you’ve had the work done.

Marine Dental’s smile makeover procedure is intended to give you a winning smile that you can feel happy with every day.

If you’ve suffered an accident that needs immediate treatment then it’s important to get help without delay. Marine Dental recognises that accidents happen and that they need to be responded to immediately, so we offer a full complement of emergency restorative treatments.

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