Hygiene Therapy

Marine Parade Dental Practice, Worthing

Maintaining a healthy set of teeth and gums starts with home brushing and flossing.  But home care will only get you so far.  The truth is that a programme of visits to the hygienist and dentist twice yearly is the only way to ensure that plaque, calculus, tooth decay and cavities do not damage your teeth.

Only a dental hygiene examination can spot all these below-the-surface problems.  For example, the problem with dental decay is that you may not even be troubled by pain until it’s too late.

Most of these risks can be prevented or better managed simply by undergoing routine dental checks. That’s why we at Marine Dental Practice, Worthing, promote our dental hygiene therapies to all patients, of all ages.

Research has shown that many people only use a toothbrush occasionally. But it’s important to repeat: even the traditional mouth-cleaning processes are seldom enough to keep all your teeth healthy. Therefore, visit us at Marine Dental Practice, and let our team of specialists give you better care.

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How does hygiene therapy work?

For some people sitting in the dentist’s chair can be an unnerving experience. We at Marine Dental Practice Worthing are aware of this and take it into account  Our dentists will ‘counsel’ you through any anxieties and answer all your questions.

There will also be a complete assessment of your oral health to nip any future infection in the bud.  We will also make any relevant recommendations about the risks of gum disease.  We may incidentally enquire about your diet, current approach to teeth-cleaning and whether or not you smoke.  We also discuss costs to make sure we can suit your budget.  Only then do we talk about appointments and start your schedule.

To recap: it’s important to go for dental checks at least twice a year to determine the conditions of your mouth, teeth and gums. If you are able to visit more often than this, better still. If you ever encounter issues in booking an appointment with us, please let us know and we will speedily resolve the matter.

Dental treatment plans can cover Hygiene Therapy

At Marine Dental Practice, we offer a variety of dental treatment plans.  All our costs are based on what is agreed in the plan.

Your treatment will be as pain-free as we can make it, and we won’t push your limits to save time.

Your consent will be obtained for every stage of the treatment. If we think a treatment is unsuitable for you we will say so providing you with our reasons.

Hygiene therapy and solutions by Marine Dental Practice

At Marine Dental Practice, our oral hygiene practitioners will examine your mouth and teeth, scale the teeth to remove accumulated plaque then polish them while removing stubborn stains. We can also provide you with tips on how to take good care of your mouth, teeth and gums in future.