Tooth Whitening

Marine Parade Dental Practice, Worthing

At Marine Dental Practice, Worthing, we can help attempt to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. Our highly experienced dentists are available to take you through the safest options for removing stubborn stains from your teeth. Our objective is to give you a customised service that produces the excellent results with minimal-to-no side effects.

Why would you want to whiten your teeth?

Some tooth discolouration is inevitable, especially as you grow older, or change your lifestyle or pick up new bad habits. Whether as a result of drinking wine, coffee or tea, or from smoking, over time the whiteness of your teeth can fade.

Teeth whitening options for you

We offer patients have a number of teeth bleaching procedures from which to choose.

You can even opt for a home whitening treatment. We put the specially formulated whitening gel in a customised tray which you can wear at night while sleeping – or for short periods during the daytime. You should notice a transformation in the whiteness of your teeth in a little over 14 days.

Personal care you can count on at Marine Dental Practice Worthing

When you walk into our surgery at Marine Dental Practice, Worthing, we hope that you will feel relaxed and at ease in the atmosphere we’ve created in the clinic. We want you to be happy with our work but we also want to protect your health while offering you state-of-the-art treatment that accords with all the appropriate international regulations. Our friendly staff are warm and welcoming; we positively invite questions and queries.

Why over-the-counter kits are not recommended

It’s easy to think that over-the-counter kits are a cheaper and quicker option to get whitened teeth. But do they really work? No they don’t.  Here’s why.

The recommended amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is the main cleaning agent in a treatment gel, is 3.6%. But the legal limit for over-the-counter sale is 0.1%.  This means you cannot get an effective result with that option.

It’s has also been the case that these kits often contain chemicals and mild acids that could be abrasive and damage your gums and enamel, or even lead to ulcers. All of these are in addition to the risks of abuse and overuse, burns and allergic reactions such as a lingering sensitivity to hot and cold foods, beverages and other drinks.

What makes Marine Dental Practice Worthing different?

Questions you may want to ask…

At our fully equipped oral health facility in Worthing, our friendly dentists will give you all the detailed care you need. They will apply the most effective teeth-bleaching treatments. Note that many of our new patients arrive by the personal recommendation of existing clients.

To restore your teeth to the desired shade of whiteness, our dentists will first conduct a thorough clinical examination to analyse what’s gone wrong. Next, they will recommend a cleaning method that will most effectively and safely remove the staining agents to make your teeth several shades lighter.
You will also be supplied with any required take-home kits, as well as the necessary dental health printed information to complement and speed up the whitening process.

Absolutely. There has been comprehensive research undertaken, as well as various clinical studies, which all conclude that teeth whitening is safe and effective. It is, however, not recommended for children under 13, or for pregnant or lactating women.

After a safe bleaching procedure, your whitened teeth can last as long as you want them to. Provided that you carry out basic oral care routines such as brushing twice a day, regular flossing and using the treatment gel as instructed by your dentist, you will continue to enjoy the health and social benefits of shiny glossy teeth and a charming smile.

There are minimal or no side effects although a very few patients might notice slight sensitivity in their teeth after a cleaning procedure.