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NHS dental services at Marine Dental Practice

Our dental care services at Marine Dental Practice also include NHS (National Health Service) services for all who require it. Our NHS services cover a wide variety of dental treatments and are designed to provide you with any treatment which is required to keep your teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth pain-free and healthy. We will provide you with individualised treatment to care for your specific needs after we have carried out a thorough clinical assessment of your condition. This is the best way to ensure that we offer you a service delivering long-lasting best benefits.

Many if not most of the dental care and general dentistry services we offer to private patients are also available to our NHS patients. And each service is made available at affordable rates to ensure that you can get a fast solution to your dental issue without having to worry about cost.

Cosmetic dental treatment

Unfortunately, NHS dental care services at Marine Dental Practice do not cover cosmetic treatments since these are not deemed by the Government to be clinically necessary. Examples of cosmetic treatment which fall under this category include any treatment whose sole purpose is to improve the beauty of your teeth. Such treatments are available only to our private patients, or we can arrange for such a service for you once you sign up to one of our dental plans.

If you would like to know the cost of our private cosmetic dental treatments, simply place a call to us today for an enquiry. We can arrange for charges concerning any private treatment to be added to the charges for your NHS treatment.

Regular NHS patients

If you are a regular NHS patient, one of our dentists can give you advice concerning your next due date for a dental examination. Each patient’s due date for an examination varies based on their unique condition and according to the stipulations of NICE guidelines.

We can send you a text reminder of any appointment you have arranged, but please keep in mind that it is your personal responsibility to visit your dentist on the due date you’ve been advised. This includes coming in as frequently as required and completing a course of treatment as planned and agreed. If, after two months of starting a course of treatment, we don’t hear from you, we will consider it to be an incomplete course of treatment and you will no longer be deemed a regular patient under our records. In such an instance, you may no longer be offered NHS treatment.

NHS treatment and charges at Marine Dental Practice

Regardless of whether you are a fee-paying NHS patient, or you are exempt, you are welcome at Marine Dental Practice. But please verify your exemption status before claiming that you are exempt from paying for certain dental care services. If you claim to be exempt and we discover otherwise, you will be liable to pay not just for the dental care services received, but the courts may impose a fine.

For patients who are not exempted from payment, we charge the standard NHS fees for our dental care services. Details concerning these fees can be discovered by placing a call to us. Or you can visit our practice where NHS scale charges are posted up in the waiting room.

An estimate of your treatment costs will be provided, and a deposit will be required. Depending on the type of dental care you are receiving, subsequent payments for follow-up visits for treatment may also be required It is necessary that all payments are finalised by your last appointment for whatever treatment you may be receiving.

Common dental treatments available on the NHS at Marine Dental Practice

Several our dental care services, especially those which fall under general dentistry, are available under the NHS at our practice. Some of the common treatments we can provide to you under the NHS include:

This treatment is designed to assist anyone whose crown has been damaged either by accident or an infection. This treatment is available and affordable to all NHS patients who visit our practice.

Due to bacterial infection, a dental abscess (containing pus) can form within the gum or teeth. Treatment for such a condition is available on the NHS at our clinic. If you have swelling on your face or in your mouth which is caused by an abscess, we can take care of that too under the NHS.

Patients who require false removable teeth can get their high-quality dentures at our practice at an affordable price under the NHS. We have a variety of dentures available and you can rest assured that the ones we provide for you will fit…

While this is not a typically common form of dental care, it can be necessary to maintain or restore the dental health of a patient. Orthodontics treatment is generally provided to improve the position, appearance, or function of your teeth which may be abnormally arranged. Before any orthodontic procedure can be offered on the NHS, a standard method for assessing your condition will be used to determine if the treatment is clinically approvable. (Orthodontic treatment is on referral to a specialist orthodontic practice).

This treatment is provided to treat an infection which originates at the centre of a tooth. If the treatment is necessary to ensure your oral wellbeing it can be provided under the NHS by our specialists.

If our dental specialists determine that scaling and polishing is clinically required, the treatment can be provided to you under the NHS. But if you would like a scale and polish even though our specialists don’t deem it to be clinically necessary, you can still get the treatment by paying for it privately.

We can arrange to have a wisdom tooth which is bothering you removed under the NHS. But this is only possible if our specialists deem that such a treatment is clinically necessary. Whether or not such a treatment is necessary will be based on an assessment of the need for removal based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

When deemed clinically necessary, white fillings are available on the NHS.

You can contact us today via phone to find out which other treatments we have available on the NHS.

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